Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well, looks like the Tea Party people have a problem with taking attendance, among other things. The group was being addressed by Alan Keyes here in my fair town last night. (OH JOY.) The newspapers reported a count of 8000 people there. Hmmmmm....
Nutter Center (aptly named, yesterday) at Wright State University holds 3000 comfortably (according to their website) and can be made to hold 12,500 if needed.

I'm so sick of their pathetic lies. That's all I have to say.


  1. There certainly seemed to be several thousand people there disguised as empty seats.

    And speaking of disguises....the costume specialty stores across America must love the Tea Party Movement. All of these well to do white folks buying colonial outfits, stove pipe hats, Uncle Sam looks like a cross between Halloween and "Let's Make A Deal"....

    "And behind door number three was the 'zonk'...Sarah Palin!"

  2. And of course you've heard of the Tea Party organizer down the road in Springboro, Oh with the racist facebook pages and emails, the one who's now in jail for assaulting a relative? Just your average TP nutcase. (98% white, older, employed OR retired on social security, gun owning, evangelical, Obama hating person who never cared anything about what the government did until the fall of 2008 and FOX news.....) Have a nice day, Hugh.

  3. I love the word boondoggle...

    I have a board game from 1980 called Save Our Bureaucrats (S.O.B.)

    While the game is a right-wing game targeting the left, I can't help but be reminded by the Tea Party. I wish there was a board game accurately portraying the propaganda machine and astroturf movements of the right...

  4. Well, I know for a fact that IF there is a board game, it wasn't based on the old '50-'60s TV game show "To tell The Truth.".......