Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It looks like the party of "keep the government out of my business" is at it again. Arizona, which I'm sure you know by now, has passed a very close- to-racial-profiling law to clamp down on all the illegal immigrants in their state. (I started to write "aliens" but that is another story.) Yes, there is a problem with immigration in the border states. Yes, there is law on the books at the federal level addressing such matters. Yes, several administrations have avoided enforcing such laws to any degree. But here seems to be another side to this story, one that has been going on for several years, and the Republicans want it to continue in the shadows.

First of all, for all those Constitutional scholars on the right (those in the Teabag Party), the ones that carry a copy of it in their back pocket: this is a free country--for everybody, not just them. People do not have to carry papers around proving they belong here just because they are brown, black, yellow, wear "different" clothes, "might" be doing something "suspicious", or might want to vote. Yes, you heard me: vote.

Seems like Jan Brewer and a few other officials of her mindset have done this before, and it's been done in other states too, as in Florida. They tried to "purge" voter rolls of thousands of people for the 2004 election, in hopes of scaring Hispanics and Blacks away from the voting booth. They could only find a handful of cases to prosecute after annoying several thousands of voters, and then fired the man they picked to do their dirty work because there was no dirty work to do. Sound familiar? And they want to go full-tilt on ACORN?

As usual, money talks and the Republican party listens. The usual "follow the money trail" applies here as in the healthcare debate and now financial reform. I'm not insinuating that there is only blame on one side: I'm still not sure that once a person gets into a hight level of government that his top priority is on his constituents, where it should be. But I'm sick and tired of the holier-than-thou, family values, guns-and-bible crowd trying to put one over on this country. Do they think we're all stupid?

Read this article on the history of their tactics:

Here's an interesting background on the Arizona immigration law authors:
http://bit.ly/97v62w. (not for the faint hearted, tho)

And more food for thought:


  1. And where are the Teabaggers who claim to hate intrusive government?

  2. They are out here extending the government's reach on those they feel may outnumber them someday......

  3. Exactly. It's about fear and racism.

  4. Thank you, Judi. Have you stopped blogging? {{{snif}}}}