Monday, January 23, 2012

The State of The Nation......not good

You'll have to forgive my self indulgence today, but after reading a few prominent news stories this week I've completely lost faith in the "exceptionalism" that those active in American politics love to brag about. Or rather, it was the comments offered by readers of these stories that got my blood boiling.

What has happened to us? 

Gabby Giffords finally decided to resign her office and begin concentrating on her complete recovery after an almost-fatal shooting last year.She was one of the lucky ones..... She gave it her best, but can no longer serve her constituents as she knows should.  Comments on SOME of the news sites were racist, hateful, mean, partisan, juvenile and downright awful. WHY was this called for?

A former great coach, reputation ruined, Joe Paterno passed away from lung cancer. Posters, safe in their anonymity pounding away on their computers, tore the man to shreds. They did not personally know the man or his family. They were not privy to ANY information, other than "in the media," concerning the sex-scandal case that he was second-handedly involved in. Who are we to judge? What would we REALLY have done in the same situation at the time?

The Republicans are having their nonstop presidential caucuses and primaries. Not one candidate has offered any positive plan for moving this country forward. The back-biting, name-calling, racist, crowd-baiting, money slinging and down right nastiness is out of control......but it's being played as "The Patriots Have Arrived." I'm sure there have been more civil tag-team wrestling matches. And people are supposed to pick a future LEADER from these folks? How?

Everything from a rock star singing the National Anthem, a celebrity couple splitting up, the President doing his job, concerns for the environment in oil pipelines, or which team is going to the Super Bowl is cause for emotional, reactionary, and mostly unintelligent "opinion posting." It also seems to be the way that the "media" is letting everyone else (competent or NOT) do their job for them. It is getting their "hits" for them. What happened to honest, well thought out, thoroughly researched reporting? Every story is presented in a particular slant guaranteed to produce the wanted results, it seems. And there are TOO many people willing to add to the negativity.

Where has the civility and compassion gone? Have the principles and good graces of our earlier generations been tossed to the way side? It has been said that it is better to lead by example than simply mouth platitudes. When are we going to start?

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