Thursday, February 2, 2012

Boobs in the Right Wing

.........and I'm not talking about those running for the Republican presidential nomination these days. I mean the ill-timed, selfish, obviously political move by the Susan G. Komen Foundation yesterday to stop all grants to the Planned Parenthood organization to perform mammograms for low income women.

How convenient that all of a sudden they have a "policy" in place that requires them to prohibit support for organizations/entities that are somehow "under investigation." For years this was apparently never a problem. The Komen Foundation has dealings with, receives money from, and by doing so supports such corporations as Bank Of America, GE, Lowes, Caterpillar, and American Airlines. Paragons of virtue every one of them.

Enter Karen Handel, their new  Senior Vice President of Policy, a "born again" Christian and Republican candidate for Governor of Georgia in 2010. During her political career, in other positions in that state she upheld the Voter ID act and proof of citizenship push, against the ACLU. Of course, she is very anti-abortion .... for whatever reason.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation, with help from a Big Parma Company of course, started the Race for the Cure and pushed "pink" onto everything: soup cans, pens, running shoes, cars,website, TV shows, pill boxes, name it. This got to be quite a money maker ("for research and development" of course) and they didn't want anyone else using their "For the Cure" in any context. And to prove it they  sued a smaller local group for doing so, even though this group was doing it "for cancer." The SGK uses approximately 13% of the money donated for "cancer research"...........really? Interesting........

Enter the Right Wing Republican extremists, bent on keeping this country under it's collective thumb, a mission they have devoted themselves to since November 2008. Any group of people that they can denigrate, mock, disenfranchise or take services from, they aim to do it: nonwhites, unemployed, seniors, public workers, unions, Liberals, Hispanics, immigrants,women, the poor...and now poor women (without insurance)who might need mammograms. Anything that might even SEEM to give "aid and support" to ANY belief they deem against their idea of morality (don't get me started on that)'s outa here.

So tell me, Mr. Romney...where are those "safety nets" that the poor people you're not worried about can catch?

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