Friday, February 3, 2012


or concerted effort? I'll let the reader decide.

1.) The Republican Party has made defunding Planned Parenthood, an organization whose main focus is providing healthcare to all women,  it's main objective because 3% of PP's services are used to provide early term abortions. (No matter what those extreme nut cases try to push in their "videos") PP also provides contraception counseling, testing and treatment  of STDs and HIV, pregnancy care, and breast health information.

2.) The Susan G. Komen  Foundation suddenly withdrew funding for any breast health services from PP, citing "a new policy that prohibits dealing with organizations that are under any investigation." PP is being "investigated" McCarthy-style by a Republican Senator for "abortion funding." SGK board is filled with RW supporters, the Vice President 
of Policy being Karen Handel, a former Repub politico.

3.) The Komen foundation quietly last year stopped funding to several hospitals for embryonic stem cell research for breast cancer.These stem cells ostensibly come from fetuses.

4.) Repub Gov. of Tennessee Haslam rescinded funding awarded last fall to PP for STD and HIV testing.  No reason given. These have nothing to do with "abortion services."

5.) The Right Wing, using the Catholic church as it's battering ram, is pushing for no insurance coverage for birth control. They'd love to outlaw it all together.

6.) While saying he's not worried about the poor..."they have safety nets"....Mitt Romney agreed in an earlier interview that the safety nets for the poor in this country aren't working.

The biggest thing NOT WORKING in this country is the Republican Party and their Fundamentalist Taliban.....unless you count taking us back to the 18th century.

Just a coincidence.......I'm sure.

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