Sunday, February 5, 2012


Well, folks, looks like another Republican governor has been reading the instruction manuel handed out by the ALEC and the Koch Brothers when he was elected. Another state is being forced to "make government cuts to consolidate, streamline and save money." Oh, and by the way...give all this authority to do the said governor.

NASHVILLE — Having completed a "top-to-bottom review" of more than 200 arms of state government, Gov. Bill Haslam is moving to assert more direct control over their operations and reduce their numbers.
His move has stirred some bipartisan unease among legislators and outright opposition from representatives of some professions and industries regulated by the boards and commissions impacted.
About 140 job positions would be abolished in 22 different governmental organizations.
In general, critics see Haslam's legislative proposals as an unwarranted assertion of executive political power that undermines the independent operations of agencies. These agencies, they believe, are working well and, in most cases, operate on fees collected from regulated industries rather than general tax dollars.
These Boards oversee such things as education, the Arts, water treatment, environment, the TVA, children's services, aging, disabilities, and gas & oil. (Haslam's family started and still own Pilot Oil.) 

Of course, all of this is being done quietly....hoping people won't notice. And since this is a Red State (except downtown Knoxville!) it'll be 10 years before anybody notices something's wrong.....

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