Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Pay For Your Own Birth Control....

vasectomies, eye surgeries, maternity care, flu shots, hernia operations, emergency room visits, knee surgeries, back surgeries, pediatric visits, tonsillectomies, torn ACL treatments, broken bones, allergy treatments, mental health visits, carpal tunnel surgery, Viagra, antibiotics, Cialis, Lyrica, Lipitor, Restasis, Vesicare.......anything advertised on television "you should ask your doctor about." After all, I have NO USE for these particular healthcare services, therefore I am under no social, moral, or "religious" obligation to pay any of MY hard-earned money to provide them for YOU. "

If you've heard as much of that lately as I have, you are about ready to scream!

What has happened to us as a compassionate, caring, understanding, sensible country? When has it become acceptable to demean and humiliate on national television or radio, a private citizen/student simply stating her views on a highly debated "political subject" that is being thrown about simply to stir the pot anyway? And THEN to keep on with this same denigrating tone for three days, just to get ratings I assume. When did it become OK for MEN, usually of the old white variety, to make decisions on a personal female reproductive matter, since this matter is NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS, and settled years before anyway?

"Let everybody pay for their own healthcare needs or wants" seems to be the mantra these days. That's the ONE thing the Right seems to agree on as a "freedom" for everybody else. Sounds good in theory to them. EXCEPT for the fact that being in an insurance pool, whether through an employer or HEALTHCARE EXCHANGE brings the cost down for EVERYBODY. (I'm sure the insurance companies, drug companies, medical facilities, and third party administrators aren't happily anticipating this either.) If those with good comprehensive insurance had any idea of what the services for THEMSELVES really cost, they couldn't probably afford it either! NOBODY will TOTALLY pay for another's insurance....everyone will pay according to their ability/need...but by spreading the anticipated costs among a larger number of people, the costs are easier for everyone to bear. Especially if those before-mentioned companies have to play by the rules set up for them in the market place. (Well, hopefully, better than Wall Street.)

But back to the fake "religious controversy" being played out's simply one more example of the Extreme Right's rhetoric that alienates one more of group......a very LARGE  group.....of today's voters. (But it does bother me that no Republican women have voiced any opinion on this...) The talking-in-circles about such matters tells me that the GOP has NO clue what they are doing, and really do not care what we think, either. It's all lies and bluster, a puffing of chests, finger pointing, behind the scenes maneuvering, and one-up-man-ship to practice for the BIG DAY: the presidential campaign this fall......when they can "get that guy out of OUR White House."
 UPDATE: In addition, the Republican party’s increasingly hostile stance towards contraception and women’s health drew a response from the National Federation of Republican Women, who urged Republicans to move the debate back into a “legitimate discussion” and reaffirmed, “The NFRW is not opposed to contraception.”

So, until then......plug your ears, take your BP meds, and make friends with the manager of your neighborhood wine and spirits store.

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