Wednesday, February 22, 2012


screamed the headline I saw today. Maybe...but I think that is a MINOR problem compared to the idiocy coming from our state legislators these days. We PAY these people with our tax dollars to come up with such doozies as a Proposal to Ban Sharia Law, and our crazy-quilt redistricting plan that has NO rational basis? (Actually, there's no rational basis for the ban, either.)

Of course it makes sense to the NRA for our citizens to be able to now lawfully carry their guns into a bar. (I've never seen that alcohol and guns would be a problem.....) If new legislation goes through, you'll soon be able to lawfully keep your gun in your car in the parking lot where you work. Always handy if you feel like using it during work hours, I guess. You might also be able to to use them on the deer that seem to "ravaging" our area. Or at least that was the why "all the coyotes were delivered  to this area to keep the deer population down" said another of our local politicians

There's also a proposal by one of our illustrious politicians that will prohibit using federal funds for any advertising campaign against any lawfully manufactured and distributed food, such as soda pop, candy, or snack foods. Guess he doesn't think balanced meals for kids is too important these days. And no, this wasn't brought up by the same TN guy who was "caught on fire" on Politifact for saying that "less than 10 percent of those in the House were wealthy."

Of course, we all VERY proud of our "Don't Say Gay" ordinance. And there is our very own Fool On The Hill spouting for all the world to hear that "AIDS/HIV was first spread by a man having sex with monkeys." And this same person cannot understand why he was asked politely to leave a restaurant because of the owner's personal objections to such remarks. But I'm sure he was in a hurry to go to Dayton, TN to view the museum commemorating the Scopes MonkeyTrial....

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