Thursday, February 16, 2012

Religious Freedom, Republican Style

Darrell Issa and his fake GOP hearing on religious freedom is enough to make anyone vomit. Especially any woman. He's rounded up a bunch of elderly, white conservative men to push forth an agenda that has already been settled in previous decades. Other presidents (including Bush) and other politicians (Romney, who is making...clawing, scratching, reinventing....his way to the White House) have already made the same decision President Obama has done.,0,3392996.story

Since the GOP has NO plans for creating jobs, NO plans for a reasonable budget in which there are sensible cuts and EVERYBODY takes some kind of hit (called "shared sacrifice"), NO intention of addressing the problems our global environment and economy faces,and can only push their outrage against "those leeching unemployed poor people and selfish seniors" so far......they do what they can: stir up a hornet's nest BOUND to rile and outrage their base (whatever that is). Not totally satisfied with the results with their Koch-fuelled agenda against abortion across the country, they are moving on to contraception.


But, as my comment on a network news site earlier today:

The Repubs have NOTHING ELSE. They are on the wrong side of history. They do not care about women, children, the poor, gays, jobs, people without jobs, the environment, the economy (unless it affects their bottom line), healthcare (anybody else's), the rest of the world, seniors.............the ONLY thing that matters to them is GET THAT BLACK GUY OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE. and they are NOW using the Catholic church to hopefully achieve that end. (They will dump the bishops too, If and WHEN they accomplish this. But don't hold your breath on THAT outcome......)

I have to stop now..........I feel a migraine coming on.

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