Monday, April 9, 2012

WHAT HAPPENED TO VOTER REGISTRATION FRAUD ??Seems like the Repubs doth protest too much these days:
 Conservatives Coming to Ohio for Registration Drives
DAYTON – Two conservative policy organizations will bring their “values bus tour” to Ohio this week, with multiple stops planned in southwest Ohio as the groups aim to register Christians to vote. Family Research Council, which focuses on issues such as abortion and marriage, and the Heritage Foundation, which is promoting its Saving the American Dream fiscal plan, have taken the tour to about a dozen states.
“The main thing we’ll be doing, and we’ll do this at all the stops, is our voter registration project,” said Tom McClusky, senior vice president of the Family Research Council’s political action committee. “There are a lot of Christians who have not been engaged (in the political process).............from the Dayton Daily News 4/07/12

We've got to keep that conservative Christian "majority" voting bloc strong. No matter that the Right has been working over time, and not-so-silently, to keep everyone ELSE from doing the same thing. Blacks. Seniors. The poor. College students. Tech school students. And of course " know how they vote in DROVES....

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