Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yin and Yang on the Right

During the past couple weeks, I've done some reading to further enlighten myself on those folks opposing my own political and social views. I like humorous, satirical fare...not the heavy-handed, punch-to-the-stomach approach you usually find. And since I purchased these books at McKay's Used Books and CD's (which, by the way is AWESOME.), I felt I wasn't really "giving aid and support to the enemy."

The first book A Field Guide to Evangelicals and Their Habitat, written by Joel Kirkpatrick, who writes "pithy Christian Satire," is conservative, and "attends church regularly for new material" was a hoot. It is written with love, humor, and had me in stitches all the way through the book. As an "insider" he is well aware of the impression that casual observers have of some of these people...his people. Everything from restaurants frequented by evangelicals, what to expect entering their churches, hand raising gestures in church, dating rituals, and decorating like an evangelical: "The focal point of your living room should be a massive painting by Thomas Kinkade with an elaborate wooden frame and a small brass plaque bearing the painting's title......apart from Kinkade paintings, there should be no "real" art in the home...." And he just keeps going from there. What a delight!

A Red State of Mind was my second choice, as it was supposedly about the culture shock on a conservative Southern belle who has to move "up North" after she married. Since I lived in Upstate New York for years, and Ohio, and Hawaii, and now live in East Tennessee (home of my maternal side for generations), I thought this would be something I could relate to. The back cover stated "Nancy French's style is like that of Erma Bombeck on steroids." Erma being the delight of Dayton, Ohio whose many books I've laughed through over the years, I was intrigued. I read half-way through...we have different concepts of humor I could see....and then the picture became very clear. The poor little conservative was at odds with all those mean "Birkenstock wearing, turtleneck sporting, Media Matters reading, no-leg-shaving liberals, who probably were lesbians...." She considered buying a "Rush was Right" teeshirt, but her husband warned her against it. The churches in Pennsylvania and New York didn't suit her either.
Glad I only paid seventy-five cents for that book.

Now, you're probably wondering why I brought all this up now. I think it was the events of the last week that made me think about it all: Thomas Kinkade died. No matter what your view of his "talent" I'm sure he brought joy to a lot of people. Nancy French and her husband, which I found out with my after-the-fact research on that biased book, are journalist contributors to NRO....the NRO of racist and homophobic Mr. Derbyshire fame. 

I guess it is true: there is a good side and dark side to everything. I just wish we could see more of the good.......


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