Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wow, This Takes Guts

The Greatest Generation? Ponzi artists, congressman suggests

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., offered a less reverential footnote today, attributing the origins of today’s fiscal crisis to entitlement programs fostered by some of those same people.

“The Greatest Generation created many of what the private sector would call Ponzi schemes,” Issa said at an Association of Government Accountants conference here.  “They created Social Security, they created Medicare on their watch, [they] created Medicaid.” All of that, Issa continued, ”without resources or funding."

 In his zeal to go after Eric Holder for Fast and Furious, or any other Dem that crosses his path actually, he forgot a few things that happened under the last administration: a couple of unfunded wars, a Medicare Part D Drug Plan, a really big Not Paid For tax cut.
Also, politicians have been using the Social Security fund (paid for by taxing the people who will be using it in later years) as a "slush fund", as John Boehner said in his attempt to steal from the ACA to pay for student loan payment decreases....

Then there is the other matter of basically calling the Greatest Generation "crooks," and creators of Ponzi schemes. Pot...meet ...Kettle.
Mr. Issa has a few criminal matters and suspicions of his own that linger in the background, though they always seem to be swept away. Minor things such as car theft, larceny, arson, insurance fraud, weapons charges...

But, hey, I understand. It's only politics....people expect a few little stretches of truth now and then......right? People don't matter...the end result is what counts.

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