Saturday, January 19, 2013

"And he said to them: Knew you not that I must be about my Father's business?" Christianity, The Franchise   

It seems like everyday we hear of some poor 
"Christian" business owner being "forced" to follow some legal business practices that would enrich the lives of his employees, but loe-and-behold, they go "against his religious beliefs." All of a sudden this becomes a growing indignity:

"Secaucus, NJ is not typically thought of as a hub of Evangelical Christianity, but the CEO and the managers of an Ashley Furniture store in the northern New Jersey town seem to have a difficult time separating their work lives from their religious beliefs and they’re being sued for it."

It seems as if the store's CEO is a member of the C12 Group, which appears to be in the business of making money...for and from Christian businesses. Seems like being Christian is good business:

In God They Trust
by Eric Snyder 

A franchise group brings business owners together to learn to bring their faith into their businesses. No, it's not a nonprofit, it's a national, for-profit faith-based franchise. more

Now, in order to benefit fully and faithfully from your faith-based enterprise you would certainly want to take advantage of the following:
"By investing $12,000 you can acquire and own a geographic franchise area where you will have the exclusive rights to host C12 meetings, use C12 proprietary content, material, and business improvement processes, and enjoy all the other benefits of being a member of the national chair corp.  New Chair Training Week and your Start-up Materials require an additional $3,000 investment.  To assure that you have sufficient start-up capital to market your business, C12 further requires a Franchisee to fund a pre-paid marketing account with $10,000 for the first year, essentially a deposit which you can draw down as needed.  Beyond this $25,000 total in start-up investment, we recommend that you have 6-9 months of your living costs in reserve so you have adequate provisions while generating the initial income stream from the C12 practice."

And they are always looking out for you: "C12 seeks to provide highly targeted resources aimed at enhancing its members' ability to lead and serve while providing a "safe" environment for their ongoing professional and spiritual development.  Accordingly, C12 generally works to shield its members from the noise and distraction of those attempting to market services to them."

Sort of a Franchise for the Faithful, I take it. Amway for the Annointed.
Is it just me, or does this sound like some sort of cult or indoctrination..... the kind of thing that Rush Limbaugh and his ilk are always accusing President Obama of planning on doing? But, like the NRA, if there's a buck to be made.....

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