Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quit Picking On The NRA...
they'll probably shoot back.

Pity these poor folks: they're just trying to stand up for the hunters, shooters, and gun owners of this great freedom-loving country. You know how they have to go out every morning and shoot some food for the day's meals. And then there are the guns you need to fight for your survival when going to work, driving in the commuter lane or on the subway. One must be prepared at all times to defend his opinion after a few drinks, or maybe put that nagging spouse in his/her place, so a concealed-carry is nice to have. 

Of course, when you have a "usurper" with a foreign-sounding name in the White House readying the camps for "patriots", intent on "taking away all our guns and freedoms," you must REALLY be on the ready......

The folks in the NRA are nobody's fools: they have evolved (??) over the years from teaching gun use and safety to small groups to becoming the lobbyists and mouthpieces of the handgun and ammunitions industry. There's big money to be made there, even if their influence is not as great as it's made out to be. And they are VERY vocal...with the ability to stir up trouble.

But they also know how to make the laws work FOR them. Handguns are exempt from the Consumer Product Safety Commission....guess they don't even have to be safe to use. Manufacturers and dealers of guns cannot be sued over defective weapons either, nor can they be sued for crimes involving guns. (They lucked out on THAT one....) Contrary to Right Wing fear mongering, at the moment there is no "gun owners list"  for "the government to come and take away your guns." Your physician cannot even mention, ask, or allude to the question of gun ownership during the course of an exam...but you can probably carry your gun there, though. You can take it everywhere else: church, schools, bars, state parks...even keep it in your car in the parking lot at work.

Guns, of course are not the problem says the NRA. It's people....and television and movies and violent video games. Well, except the one THEY just put out: it's rated for children 4 years old and it "strikes the right balance of gaming and safety education, allowing you to enjoy the most authentic experience possible."
What could possibly go wrong ???


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