Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Things They Don't Bring Up On FOX

In order to keep all their followers madder-than-hell (I hesitate to use the term "low information viewers" since they HAVE the information, they just pretend it's wrong...). Rogers Ailes' network doesn't bring up the following facts:

The deficit has been decreasing: 
Deficit as percent of GDP

And of course the NRA's favorite: we all need guns:
.........because, armed killers......

The Left's unholy alliance with Hollywood:
For pete's sake, conservatives, you all are the ones that voted for a movie star for president! Talk about a "boosterization" (Thanks, O'Reilly) from Tinsel Town itself.....
Laura Bush did not present, but she did appear in a video short about movies by Errol Morris in 2002 that aired at the Academy Awards, and during his presidency Ronald Reagan pre-taped remarks for the 1981 Academy Awards.
You know, that president who was also a member of the Screen Actors Guild (gasp, a UNION) and once its president.

One Other Thing...

"And if the president doesn't do this, (give the Repubs everything they want) Obama is, .... responsible for Republicans' opposition to a bipartisan agreement......This is more than crazy. The media establishment's incompetence is having a direct role in contributing to a broken and unconstructive process."

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