Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ignorance or Memory Loss?

A former presidential candidate, Herman Cain, went on television complaining that the majority of people who voted for Obama were "severely ignorant." (Hey, who actually ran the full campaign, and won....TWICE?)

Now folks on the Right are hoping these same people, the "ignorant ones", and those faithful followers of FOX NEWS (who we KNOW have short memories) are distraught enough....and VERY blame President Obama for the precarious position (their term) in which this country finds itself. The Sequester or #Obamaquester according to that ol' jokester John Boehner.

Except for one tiny,minor, little, miniscule thing:

Oh......never mind.

Not to be left behind, and to present the "facts" to the dwindling number of self-admitted Repubs out there who believe their blame-game, the RNC has posted their own video regarding the #Obamaquester. There's just one problem:

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