Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Oh gee, I never saw THIS coming:
But, in typical Repulican fashion, he declares himself the winner in the SNAP starve-off.

Oh Lord, Where Do I Begin???

I sure as hell DO NOT want this fool buying groceries for MY family!

Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX) was out to prove that families can live with the new SNAP cuts, no problem.

"According to Stockman’s office, Ferguson’s experiment “debunked” the “left-wing publicity stunt intended to make it appear proposed cuts to food stamps would leave families unable to feed themselves.”
" Ferguson “was able to buy enough food to eat well for a week on just $27.58, almost four dollars less than the $31.50 ‘SNAP Challenge’ figure.”

And what did this fine gentleman buy with his large weekly stipend?
Two boxes of Honeycomb cereal
Three cans of red beans and rice
Jar of peanut butter
Bottle of grape jelly
Loaf of whole wheat bread
Two cans of refried beans
Box of spaghetti
Large can of pasta sauce
Two liters of root beer
Large box of popsicles
24 servings of Wyler’s fruit drink mix
Eight cups of applesauce
Bag of pinto beans
Bag of rice
Bag of cookies
Gallon milk
Box of instant oatmeal

"In a follow-up statement to Think Progress, Ferguson insisted that he is “feeling great,” and gained two pounds on his SNAP diet."

I'm certainly glad that OBAMACARE is soon to be in effect: any family on THIS diet week after week is headed for malnutrition, obesity, tooth loss, high blood pressure, diabetes, ..... or scurvy, rickets, bone loss, emotional problems and disgust with life in general. 

Maybe THAT explains the Republican party, in Texas anyway.

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