Saturday, June 22, 2013

There are are always two sides to every story...and especially a lawsuit. I realize it's not news unless it's sensational, someone is toppled, or there is a lot of money involved. The media loves to get a hold of portion of the truth...and run with it. It would be interesting to see how this plays out....

Or, put another way:
"I make my living off the Evening News 
Just give me something-something I can use 
People love it when you lose, 
They love dirty laundry "

Don Henley....Dirty Money lyrics

Recipe For Keeping The Folks Riled Up

"The Food Network said Friday it's dumping Paula Deen,...... troubled by her admission to having used racial slurs in the past."

You've got to be kidding me....after pages and pages of depositions given because of a lawsuit filed by an employee at her brother's restaurant, concerning an alleged incident at THAT location, THIS is what was gleaned from all that testimony????
From the nitpicking at the beginning by the prosecuting attorney, all the way through the various past residential locations, reasons for divorces,.....WHY????...progressions of business deals, Bubba's personal problems, conduct at the workplace of everybody, employee structure at all restaurants, and the various "he said, she said" complete with witnesses: THIS IS WHAT THE MEDIA IS OBSESSING ABOUT, an admission inartfully given in response to a tersely asked question?? 

Racism is NOT OK, don't get me wrong. But in order to place the comment spoken in the most correct have to have been born and raised in the southern states. YES, I know the Civil War is over....and they lost. But habits are hard to break, and hearing and saying certain phrases generation after generation cannot be weeded out just like that. My family here in Tennessee is just as guilty...and they are educated, well-traveled, wealthy, Church-going folks. They can see no wrong in their speech or actions. I have lived in several "northern" states all my live and I think it's wrong and I tell them. They just don't understand......and I am the odd one here.

The response to articles written on all the news websites are just as BAD in their name calling as the journalists are painting Ms. Deen out to be. 

Yes, the subject does need to be talked about. Just like Edward Snowden forced us to have a conversation about the Patriot Act, in all its useful and hideous forms.

I happen to smell a rotten apple here and we won't see the results until the end. The Food Channel perhaps had no choice but to act as they did...but there is the chance it might not have been a smart one. A knee-jerk reaction as it were. Ms. Deen raised two sons by herself, tirelessly working in what she knew best: food. Maybe not the healthiest by today's standards....BUT SHE GOT OFF HER BUTT AND DID WHAT SHE HAD TO DO. People mock those who do not "do something" about the miserable situations they find themselves in. Yet once they move forward, it makes others, shall we say, jealous?  Now, like her or not, she has had many great accomplishments.

What is there in the American psyche that loves to kick people when they're down?? To believe the first bad thing about someone?? That jumps for joy when a bit of news is taken out of an article and displayed as a "gotcha?" Does it make us all feel better about ourselves to think that they are not really all that perfect and have the same faults? Lawyers and money?

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