Sunday, October 6, 2013

Battling The Spin Zone

Getting tired of of friends and relatives...especially those of Republican persuasion....whine that "they have not heard anything about Obamacare" and all they spout is FOX talking points? Or maybe Rush Limbaugh who touted the other day that NO ONE even called BC/BS in California on the exchange. They just know it's going to ruin this country and lead us to socialism......just like Social Security and Medicare, am I right?

Here is a primer to help, but getting them to accept it won't be easy. Nothing is free, as they claim. There are no "death panels." Everyone has "skin in the game." And you're not denied healthcare services according to your political party.

 THE EDITOR: Cutting through the confusion 
Even more information is available, such as...

  • Q: How can small business owners enroll in the exchange?
  • Q: How do I know if I qualify for the exchange?
  • Q: Can I buy health insurance on the exchange if I already have insurance through an employer?
  • Q: How do I sign up?
  • Q: How much will I have to spend to buy coverage on the exchange?
  • Q: What kind of coverage options can I expect to find on the exchange?
  • Q: Will I be eligible for any other cost savings on the exchange?
  • Q: As a small business owner, will I be eligible for a subsidy if I buy insurance for my employees on the exchange?
  • Q: Does the exchange have a Spanish-language version?
  • Q: What if my income is too low to qualify for the exchange?


There is a ton of information on this site (it is for Ohio, but the stats remain the same.) Print the whole thing out and pass it around if you need to. Some 15 per cent  of Americans do NOT use computers. Some folks will not like it no matter what you say....but there is NO excuse for being ignorant of the facts.

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