Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Panic! Fear!

I'm getting really tired of the "panic' and "Oh Noes" being bandied about regarding the ACA. The Right has done its usual first-rate job of spreading fear and misinformation. Or do everyday people REALLY have no idea how the insurance policies they have had for years..…or currently do not have due to being suddenly without a job….really works?? 

First of all, these costs have been rising for decades. This NOT a reaction to "socialized medicine", or Obamacare. Here is a chart from 2006:

Then there is the structure of group insurance itself. An employer may have several types of health plans from an insurance company to offer, but these are standardized for all employees and cannot be customized. (Yes, your premiums are already covering those other people with diabetes, kids, chronic health problems, vasectomies, pregnancy, and prescriptions that you do not use. So STOP with the "why should I pay for all those other moochers?") Premiums are simply those rates in effect at the time. Since costs are not usually risked-based in group insurance, all premiums are the same. If you do not have group insurance, and you have an individual policy paid by you, your costs are obviously higher anyway.

There are a few things that an employer may not have to cover for you.The ACA is trying to correct these situations:

The Republicans have been totally against anything that President Obama has tried to do…from day one. Going against his premiere legislation was high on their list: 

"The Obama administration originally had asked for more than half a billion dollars to spend on public relations and outreach for the law. House Republicans had returned with an offer of nothing. That's right: zero dollars. Without necessary funds, the Department of Health and Human Services worried it would not have the necessary money to pay for navigators to help people enroll in health care, for the technology needed to implement the exchanges and for the public relations campaign that was required to inform citizens about what the law actually did."

Throw in the fact that Republican-governed states said NO to expanding Medicaid or setting up their own exchanges (They forgot all about that state's rights position they love)…and made the federal government do it. More chaos ensued. No money, no help. "Train Wreck" in GOP parlance.

"People are being thrown off their policies"……they were not actually total coverage anyway.
"Spouses are no long covered"……..only if the spouse also is eligible for coverage at his/her employer. Why should one employer pay both costs?
"Premiums are going sky high"……unless you make bundles of bucks (or are young and invincible) you probably will get a subsidy. Don't always believe what FOX tells you. And young people: wait till you get the bill for a broken leg, car wreck injuries, unexpected cancer or asthma, sports injuries,
or need medication…..

All I can say is PLEASE get that Healthcare.gov website fixed! I realize the ACA is not perfect, but come on: the garbage floating around the airwaves and internet is making me sick.

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