Saturday, November 2, 2013

We Pay These Guys?

I am soooo embarrassed by the antics of the Republican Congress critters in my state. Having no empathy, or care and consideration for the poor, unemployed, veterans, children, or those with health problems…..they refused to expand Medicaid and develop their own health insurance exchanges….and support the slashing of food stamps in Tennessee. (But you can carry GUNS almost anywhere here.)

We have Marsha Blackburn with her "let 'em drive Fords" idiocy, spouting off at the Obamacare hearings the other day……..she was so concerned about the outcome that she LEFT right after her television close ups and was interviewed by FOX outside the hearing room.

Just the other day in Memphis, Senator Brian Kelsey gave Kathleen Sebelius a primer  to "help her with the healthcare website."

TN Sen
 @BrianKelsey gave Kathleen Sebelius "Websites for Dummies" during #Memphis #healthcare event #news

These jerks, along with their fellow Republicans in the Congress, have done everything possible from Day One to throw a monkey wrench into the progress of the Obama administration. Their latest obstruction of NOT giving the HHS department enough funds to implement the website and help it's implementation was totally destructive. Not letting their states (mostly Repub governed Southern ones…) expand Medicaid and do their own exchanges was another blow. This put all the more strain on the federal exchanges and sites. 

This was not an accident…...just another round in their "make Obama look like a foolish failure" campaign.

But not to worry…..Canter released the calendar for working days in Congress next year.
"The 2014 calendar for the House was released Thursday by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), and shows members will only work only 113 days. That's down from 2013, when House lawmakers were scheduled to meet for 126 days."

I wonder how much pain and havoc….plus ignorance and juvenile antics….they can concoct during that short time?

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