Saturday, November 2, 2013

Forget 'Don't Trust The Government"…Look At The Media

Is CBS finally going the way of most of the other media…just get the story out there? Has fact checking and researching your sources become passé with them, too? Or has the network owner, a Republican supporter, taken more of an "interest" in what is being presented these days?

Last week a 60 MINUTES story was done on Morgan Jones, a security contractor at the embassy in Benghazi, and his account of the happenings during the attack. But not quite truthful it seems. Since then:
"Jones' new book written about the attacks, "The Embassy House," was released this week by a publisher with ties to CBS — a disclosure not included in the "60 Minutes" segment."
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Then several stories reported by Scott Pelley during the evening news were told about several people who were going to have to pay "10 times" what they were paying for Obamacare. They were shocked and outraged of course.
This was looked intoand a FOX journalist, believe it or not. Just took a few phone calls and an interview. 
Today there is a story on their website in which the following quote is made from a Congressman:
"... Coats (R-IN) added, 'This is about more than just a website and it will take more than a 1-800 Rose Garden infomercial from the President to fix this. The failure of [the] Obamacare launch is just the tip of the iceberg, and unless we act, Americans will be stuck on board this Titanic.'
It is fine to have views from both sides. It is expected, really.
But to report on CBS that "the president's federal healthcare website is a disaster" without adding a sentence such as "Those exchanges being run by the states, however, are doing just fine," is a sin of omission.
What kind of world has it become, when at least twice now, FACTS were "outed" by the nation of Right Wing propaganda, FOX news, and NOT by main stream media, that "liberal media?"

"They just didn't contemplate that the feds would have to run over half of the states," said Dan Mendelson, CEO of Avalere Health, a consulting company that’s been tracking insurance marketplaces. "And while the federally-run exchanges are behind, the state-run health exchanges have done their work -- embracing the program, engaging their communities, advertising…."

We know the networks that routinely do a slipshod job of reporting news of the day and political facts. But for Pete's sake….has everybody become a spineless clone? 

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