Monday, November 4, 2013

And The Beat Goes On…..

Looks like there is some apologizing going on here.

Looks like CBS has joined the list of networks who only want to present one side of the political spectrum…and I am disappointed. Up till about a month ago, they seemed to be very circumspect in their journalism. Then the Obamacare reporting…which was followed up by an investigative report  FOX journalists (sorry!) and debunked. And the Benghazi first-hand story which has now been questioned, but not addressed by CBS.

Then this evening they ended their latest Obamacare report with "it looks like there are fewer choices and higher premiums on the federal healthcare program."
There is NEVER one word about the individual states' exchanges and how well they are doing at this point. THIS was the result that the administration intended…they were not expecting to have to do everything from one site.

"What people pay in increased premiums is intended to be less than they would pay by increasing healthcare costs that bury the burden in healthcare across the board. The costs are going to be shifted and paid for by people one way or another. Obamacare actually makes the cost more transparent. Pay me now, or pay me later. You can't have your cake and eat it too".

I'm just disgusted with ALL media at this point.

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