Monday, November 4, 2013

Another layer of deceit and misinformation, other than that provided ad nauseam from all Right Wing sources, is being revealed these days. Along with "government takeover of healthcare," "sticker shock," and "paying for moochers 'bad lifestyle choice," the insurers themselves are throwing monkey wrenches into the system… way to get back at the ACA, I guess. If lobbying for its repeal doesn't work, let's take another approach: hiding benefits from customers.

"If you're an insurance company, you're trying to hang onto the consumers you have at the highest price you can get them," Laura Etherton, a health policy analyst at the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, told TPM. "You can take advantage of the confusion about what people get to have now. It's a new world. It's disappointing that insurance companies are sending confusing letters to consumers to take advantage of that confusion. The reality is that this could do real harm."

These letters do not give any helpful information regarding "Obamacare." Why, you ask? People just might find out that a better deal is available there, and NOT with the choices your carrier is giving you. That is bad for business…at least the way they want to run it.

And you will never hear about this unless you dig real deep amongst all the garbage being spewed, but, for example:
"Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia has four plans that are free to some customers. But the company, along with other insurers, has been careful not to publicize its free coverage for fear of alienating customers who will need to pay more."

The state sites are doing well.
 GET THAT FEDERAL SITE UP AND RUNNING so people can see for themselves. Seems like people these days don't just want that drink of water…you have to put the glass up to their lips, too.

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