Sunday, January 26, 2014

Slutty Female College Students??

This is just getting disgusting! We all have heard how Republicans in Texas HATE Wendy Davis for standing up against their insatiable drive against women's reproductive rights (read: abortion).

 We all know how the Right DESPISES educated people and critical thinking, hence the decades-long push to privatize schools by giving vouchers to their charter schools where the learning is low and the profits are high. We all know how they think that poor folks should have just TRIED harder, gotten a college education which in their minds is the roadmap to a lucrative future (or it would be if you could also maneuver it into a lobbyist position so you can pay off your student loans).

So what do you get when you combine the misogynistic old white guy party's two favorite things? A slanderous underhanded push to denigrate a female's march to the front. This is what passes as "reporting" in Ohio (that bastion of Kasich and the Koch Brothers money these days.)…...

Miami University among fastest growing “Sugar Baby” schools in Ohio
Rising tuition costs and mounting college debt have some college students in Ohio seeking an alternative way to pay for their education. According to a new survey by, a dating site, six Ohio colleges are among the “Top fastest growing sugar baby schools,” where female students use “sugar daddies” to pay for college.

I don't know what the aim of this sort of push is……..just to denigrate all female students, I guess. Look for this to be occurring other states as well. I'm getting REAL tired of this "subliminal" message the Right is pushing. Just too chicken to come right out and say it I guess. How any self-respecting, critical thinking, compassionate, hard working member of the female sex……..or members of ANY nonwhite sector of this country……can be OK with this denigration and lying BS is beyond me! Anybody that votes to keep these poor excuses of humanity in office are out of their minds!

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