Sunday, February 2, 2014

Oh, those crazy Repubs...

…they have the answer to everything. Inequality….it's all in your head. War against women…..nope, just a left wing fantasy. ("All we're doing is fighting for the rights of all women to have no contraception, never have an abortion should the necessity arise, have limited but more expensive healthcare because of their lady-parts, ignore them if SOMEHOW they achieve a political position and dare to speak their minds, make it harder to vote if they are nonwhite, shame them if they attend college, and keep food out of their children's mouths.")

And they could solve the problems of those poor souls lower down on the social ladder in four easy steps:

So what’s the solution to the massive income gap? What’s the magic path to wealth?
For the scholars, behavioral remedies are paramount. From the Cato Institute and the 
National Center for Policy Analysis comes the observation that if you do these four things, it's almost impossible to remain poor:
1. Finish high school,   2. Get a job,    3. Get married, and   4. Don't have children until you get married.
I have never seen a Krugman column discussing how the solution to inequality is for those at the bottom of the income ladder to change their behavior. Instead, we find the ever-present hint that those at the top are somehow to blame.

Let me go over my life again. Finish high school…did that. Go to college (I just threw that in there)….did that. Got married….did that. Had four kids after getting married…did that. GOD, I MUST BE WEALTHY!

But there is a little more to living life than that of the GOP's pipe dream of everlasting superiority, condescension, and blessed righteousness: divorce, single parenthood (but I was fortunate, I always owned my home and drove a decent car, never had to use a social safety net), working full time office job and a part time one too, going through cancer twice (once with no insurance), raising teenagers with all their inherent catastrophes (all attended college and have really good jobs.) and the naturally occurring ups and downs of life. Then, years later, add to that my second husband's stroke (again, no insurance from his employer), a small business we invested in failed, renters we had in a house bailed out and stuck us with thousands of dollars back rent (going to court did nothing….), more bouts of cancer (Melanoma, then skin cancer), moving, changing jobs, and finally retiring on that socialist entitlement Social Security. And did you ever try to find a job after the age of 60…even a part time one at Home Depot, Lowe's, a local furniture store or women's shop?? Don't want to be considered a moocher, living off the taxpayer's dollar, you see.

My life is fine, really. I want for nothing. Even have some put away for future emergencies……if they are not too large. But it galls me no end to hear these sanctimonious, "Representatives of the American People", blather on about how everybody else should lead their lives….when not ONE of them could have lived yours or mine….without the Trust Fund's or lobbyists money helping them along. I won't even go into their government jobs you and I pay for…..
"The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness."
  --  John Kenneth Galbraith

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