Friday, March 14, 2014

A Dem's point of view…factual:

A Repub's point of view………with their facts:

"If we calculate the minimum wage to inflation since the early 1980s we will find that the minmimum wage should be about $8 per hour. There are many factors that contribute to less employment for the teens. More elderly people work longer, technology is taking over many of these jobs that youth had done previously, many jobs ar being done in other countries, ect. I am all for the private sector setting wages and people increasing their worth to an emmployer. It is not the employers responsibility to ensure they are paying enough for a person to live on. It is the employees responsibility to develope themselves to make earn enough to live on. An employer is only responsible to pay an employee to the worth they bring to the organization."
………..quoted from a comment in the Dayton Daily News today.

And people in this country just do NOT get it!

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