Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Worth Thinking About…...

“The prevention of conception is not in itself forbidden or sinful providing the reasons for it are in harmony with the total revelation of God for married life” and that the “method of preventing pregnancy is not so much a religious as a scientific and medical question to be determined in consultation with one’s physician.”  

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Today's Conservative Party keeps on in it's glorious tradition of tying itself in knots………or what I'd call marching on it's highway of hypocrisy. I realize time can change someone's point of view; life itself sometimes forces intellectual growth. But the Republican Party of today is on a mission……backwards. Citizens United. Voter suppression. Stalling on sensible immigration reform…not the "stay here pay taxes but no healthcare, education, or citizenship" route. Profits on oil and gas production for corporations, but lousy water and air for you. Making women the chattel of their husbands, starting with reproductive rights then moving on to education and voting privileges. You get my drift.

All it takes is a chip here, a crack there. A school voucher here, a revised textbook there. Remove a voting place here, pass an ALEC bill there.


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