Monday, July 21, 2014

Another Day


Tennesseans are about ready to get screwed again. Hope my relatives who finally got Obamacare to help them afford their on-going colon cancer, diabetes, mental health, heart surgery and constant heart monitoring (which they cannot afford…over $47,000 a year just for one of them) realize it was their party,…..two REPUBLICAN judges and a REPUBLICAN governor that did not expand Medicaid the way it should have been…. that will cost them. Blue Cross probably was about ready to cancel them. He is a small business owner but cannot handle the costs. This ruling, of course, will be appealed as it should.

(main blog)...…another Right Winger pushing the untruths about a Dem opposing him here in Tennessee, the state that is sooo red it makes you cringe. (I've often wondered, how did they manage to have Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Manhattan Project? So many solar farms? Wind turbines in the hills? An overabundance of Prius's on the roads? HGTV, which is a green company? Such a dichotomy here.)

"My opponent  [a Christian Dem with a Muslim background] has expressed his beliefs publicly that the United States is not a Christian nation; that the American flag should be removed from public buildings because it is a symbol of tyranny and oppression; that public prayer should be banned because it insults non-Christians; and that the Bible should be removed from public places."

Kelly said his letter was not about religion but only about voting…..

This guy, of course, is just one of the Republican brain trust that is ruining, er I mean, running this state.

We have Stacy Campfield:
"Democrats bragging about the number of mandatory sign ups for Obamacare is like Germans bragging about the number of manditory sign ups for 'train rides' for Jews in the 40s," he wrote.

John Duncan is running again here:
"Rep. John Duncan (R-TN) admits that he won’t extend middle-class tax cuts in order to keep control of the floor out of the hands of Democrats"

    Duncan's son also had a short-lived political career:
"Despite his insistence on bringing trust back to the office, the record shows that within days of taking office, Duncan was approving state bonuses for himself and others in his office for a certification process that neither he nor the others had completed.  A year later in 2011, he did the same thing."

Can't forget Marsha Blackburn:
I guess she forgot:... On a national level, Tennessee ranks 43rd out of 50 states when it comes to unemployment, with 50 being the worst"

Then there is our governor Bill Haslam, his brother and their family company:

BUT…on the positive side: (Good work, VW)

Maybe all these Repubs are not as smart as they think they are…or we are not as dumb as they'd like us to be.

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