Sunday, July 27, 2014

Loving Obama Here In Tennessee…..

I bet that got your attention.

But if you have been bombarded by all the political ads on television lately, you can SEE all those Republicans running for office have opponents here who are practically in bed with the guy. Not to mention all the LIBERAL judges that are pushing their LIBERAL agenda in the State Supreme Court.
"Judging by political advertising lately, it’s truly remarkable how much support President Barack Obama and the Affordable Care Act enjoy among Tennessee Republicans and our state’s court system."
Yep, those folks have been showing all the LIBERAL love here in this state the last few years: 

" …. in Tennessee, because of (Gov.) Haslam's decision, they won't be covered. Without the money, some hospitals could close, particularly in rural areas where they already are struggling financially.
"There may be hospitals that will have to close," (LT. Gov.) Ramsey says. "But look, if you want to operate in a free market, things like that happen." 
Of course, the governor also expressed his love of children:

It is also easier for outside groups and “super PACs” to run attack ads, leaving the positive message up to the candidates, and the result is an increasingly negative sheen to the general political discourse. “There’s no question that the sheer number of ads, combined with the fact that voters don’t know who’s paying for the ad, creates a layer of toxicity in our politics that is very corrosive,” said Senator Michael Bennet, Democrat of Colorado and chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

But that's OK. They ALL have the blessing of the Chamber of Commerce, high ratings from the NRA, are outstanding members of their various churches, and believe in the free market. They also love to push the First Amendment to the limit….and off a cliff.

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