Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Isn't This Special……..

Just as all nonwhites are NOT criminals, not ALL cops are saints, though the majority have been. 

Just in case you folks are still under the delusion that the police in NYC are feeling put upon by the actions of the protestors….which were evident before the latest sickening murder of two of their own by a crazed lone killer……and are just acting out because they are "misunderstood", think again. 

Those on the Right…..I am talking about YOU Giuliani….are not wasting a MINUTE to use this as a political cudgel to bully those higher up: Mayor de Blasio, President Obama, Eric Holder, etc. This is nothing new for NYPD, but this time they have a racial component to use as a weapon, too…….and using it they are.

"Meanwhile, Republican operatives see a chance to do fatal damage to a rising Democratic star and close Clinton ally by resurrecting the kind of racial backlash politics that won them urban white votes during the Nixon era."

" In an email to a supporter, Queens Village Republican Club president Joe Concannon referred to the planned wave of protests as “our plan to keep it in the news for the first half of 2015.”

Yes, I know…protests in the name of justice for killing unarmed black men, innocent until proven guilty…...BAD.
NYPD protests against officials…who have expressed support of law officers, but are black….and also against the other protestors…...GOOD

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