Sunday, December 28, 2014

NYPD's Short Memory….

or the one they HOPE the public has.

"The demonstration two weeks ago to protest Mayor David Dinkins's plan for a more independent civilian complaint review board quickly deteriorated into a brawl. Beer-drinking officers broke through barricades to rush the steps of City Hall; others blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge and used racial epithets to describe the Mayor."

In case you have forgotten: 
"And who was doing the same thing that he's doing now: 
 one Rudolph Giuliani, was right in the middle of it, fanning the flames of racial resentment for his own political gain, something Giuliani would do repeatedly ……"

Even earlier this year, the unions were setting up for a showdown:
" A New York City police union leader on Tuesday castigated Mayor Bill de Blasio and his bid to HOST the 2016 Democratic National Convention, saying the city was losing ground in the fight against crime since he took office in January."

They continue on their childish, hateful path, turning their backs to Mayor de Blasio during a solemn funeral service. BUT they want respect, obedience, honor, better pay (there IS a contract negotiation going, don't forget). And they are NOT racist…….

Tell me why, then, although these "union thugs" (remember that term Repubs used against auto workers, teachers, fast food employees and others who were organized in such a manner?) have a history of such actions….they really go all out when there are nonwhites involved, say a President, an Attorney General, protestors that finally have had enough…..or a Mayor with a mixed race family.
I'm sure it is just a mere coincidence

Nobody has ever said being an officer of the law is an easy task. Their actions/reactions are sometimes in question...
…..and the availability of videoing those actions in their "policing" that have always remained hidden, where the word of the officers was always the last one wasn't welcomed either. But getting respect while giving none is ludicrous. I expect better behavior from my kids.

Just came across this article about the Police Chief in Nashville: talk about completely different views about policing and protesting.

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