Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's a Puzzlement…...

Well,  it doesn't get any plainer than this: we are living in a screwed up country.

* POLL FINDING OF THE DAY, OBAMA DERANGEMENT EDITION: A new Bloomberg poll finds that by a large margin of 55-34, Americans believe Republicans are acting “more out of antagonism towards Obama” than out of a “deep belief in their vision for the country.” By contrast, Americans believe by 54-36 that Obama is more driven by his vision than by antagonism towards Republicans. Perhaps the American people ought to have a word with our both-sides-to-blame pundits.
On the other hand, the poll also finds the GOP’s approval rating at a five year high while Obama has hit bottom. So maybe there’s no downside in being perceived as driven by antagonism towards Obama!
Hmmmmm…….I wonder what the problem could be?

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