Thursday, December 18, 2014

Well, That Certainly Explains It…..

UPDATE: In case you were still unconvinced about the conditions of the us versus them mentality of the police today:

The police and other law enforcement folks in this country cannot understand WHY ordinary, taxpaying people in this country do not really LIKE them. (Well, not all of them…just those that seem to think they are not only keeping the law: they ARE the law.)

Remember how they'd denigrated Eric Garner about his weight and medical conditions, saying "he brought about his own death?" How Michael Brown was a BIG obese kid…even though both he and Wilson were the same height? Really? 

"Employees in law enforcement have the highest rates of obesity among professions, …"

Of course all lot of them also seem to think that the Average Joe is a complete idiot, and it is up to THEM to inform US of our legal positions, even if we already are aware of them…or happen to be of a different color. There seems to be a reason for this attitude, too.

"The reason for the disqualification was literally because he had scored “too high” on an intelligence test…... 

Now…don't you all feel a whole lot safer now? Especially with all the surplus military gear being spread around for these guys to play with….

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