Sunday, August 30, 2015

That Liberal Media….

Living in the south is a challenge. You have beautiful Tennessee mountains and lakes, wonderful food, usually pleasant weather, and people are super friendly. So many things to do….just be careful to keep your politics to yourself……and be able to quote the Bible.

The news channel of choice in homes and restaurants, banks and bars (when it's NOT football season) is FOX news…..or MSNBC for the stock market crawl along the bottom while "contributors" are spewing nonsense.( We do live in West Knox.) The Knox News Sentinel, like all papers these days, prints day-old stories and opinions usually taken from somewhere else. Just lifted and never background checked as is the preferred method of journalism these days.

Today, for example the Why Clinton's Email Trouble Mattersa page long opinion piece was taken from a several day-old Los Angeles Times article. The author, John R Schindler, bills himself as a security consultant and former NSA officer. He forgot to mention this:

Then there is the third-of-a-page long Liberals Hypocritical On The Subject Of Constitutional Tinkering by Jonah Goldberg….of the National Review and the American Enterprise Institute, two of the most influential conservative outlets….next to the Heritage Foundation. (Think school vouchers, government censorship of the arts, welfare reform, prayer in schools, lower taxes on business, anti-Obamacare and conservative corporation CEOS on its board of trustees.)

Of course, there was the expected 8 Thumbs Down For The Iran Deal article from the GOP legislators this state is so proud of. And you don't want to forget the "Take America Back" Tump-the-Bombastic Tour in Nashville that had Tea Partiers from all over the state in a tizzy.

Letters to The Editor make you want to tear your hair out…..can people REALLY believe what they are spewing?
"I will never support a politician who promotes gun control or patronize any business that discriminates against the Second Amendment. When seconds count, help is minutes away." 
"The world is indeed getting better because of liberty and freedom, but it does not come from the left. In the future when the world celebrates its freedoms, the left will be left out."
Guess the writer forgot about the Right's views on women's reproductive rights, freedom from fundamentalist religious views, voting rights, a living wage, economic inequality, gun control, social contracts…..and a livable planet. But hey, you can "study it all out" in your daily newspaper.

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