Saturday, August 1, 2015

Common Good Upsets Some Folks

The National Parks Service is getting a little put out about plastic water bottles being strewn around their areas: "…. encouraging the parks to halt their bottled water sales."

This undoubtedly upset the bottled water manufacturers:

"Joseph Doss, president and chief executive of the International Bottled Water Association, said that even if the Park Service can legally use private money to pay for bottled water alternatives, it should be careful about subverting the (possible) will of Congress."

Oh, so the "will of Congress" (or the Supreme Court, for that matter) is the most important concept here. Sooooo…Right Wingers really should not be having a problem with everyone being able to vote, marriage equality, health insurance for Americans (rich or poor), a quality education system for all children, clean water to drink and clean air to breathe, women being able to control their own reproductive systems, everyone being able to make a living wage, and everyone being able to worship his higher being in his own way…..or not.

From selling plastic bottles of water, keeping the prisons filled, pushing false outrage over misleading PP, robbing the public education system to fill charter schools' coffers, demonizing "illegal immigrants" while applying for worker visas for their own cheap labor….the moneyed class is using Congress (and the Supreme Court, they hope) to build their own little utopia. And the only free market they really want to succeed is the one they control. Just ask the Kochs.

Welcome to the oligarchy…it's been in the making for decades. If you have any doubts:
 How many accomplishments are left to achieve?


  1. I remember when talk about a tax on sodas got serious back in 2009. The "American Beverage Council" sure put out a lot of commercials making like a tax on Coke or Pepsi was an infringement of the Bill of Rights.

  2. OMG…just like today: our infrastructure is crumbling around us, but do NOT even consider, dream of, plan on, or mention the word "fuel tax." Wouldn't be prudent……..